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The Best Digital Marketing Blogs – TOP 19 [Ranking]

The Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Regularly expanding your marketing knowledge will help you manage your business better. Valuable content created by bloggers worldwide will facilitate the work of SEO specialists, marketers, and copywriters. If you want practical tips to strengthen your industry skills – check out the best digital marketing blogs from my ranking!

1. Ahrefs – a reliable blog about digital marketing

A reliable digital marketing blog.

Photo 1. A reliable digital marketing blog.

The Ahrefs Marketing Blog has how-to guides, case studies, and the latest market research. Here you will find articles about practical tips to help you increase your online visibility.

The team of Ahrefs experts regularly shares proven methods of using their proprietary tool in content marketing, digital marketing, and SEO.

For whom:

  • SEO specialists.
  • Digital marketers.
  • Copywriters and content marketers.

Do you want to improve your online presence and understand the mechanisms that govern search engines? Go to www.ahrefs.com/blog/.

Why I love the Ahrefs blog:

I love the Ahrefs blog for its comprehensive approach to SEO. The authors are specialists in the marketing industry and base the articles on the latest statistics. I appreciate simple explanations; this makes complex concepts understandable even when I do not know the subject. Regular updates are a big plus.

Ahrefs is ranked among the best digital marketing blogs worldwide.

2. Moz – a technical blog about search engine optimization

A technical SEO digital marketing blog.

Photo 2. A technical SEO digital marketing blog.

Moz’s blog posts contain many practical tips for optimizing your site for search engines as soon as you finish reading. This is one of the most technical blogs in the world of marketing.

The authors have extensive knowledge of the evolution of search engines. The articles are substantive and exciting, with methods you can apply to your site.

For whom:

  • People looking for the latest marketing trends.
  • Ecommerce owners.
  • Intermediate-advanced SEO specialists.

Are you interested in technical marketing issues? Find out if www.moz.com/blog will meet your expectations.

Why I love the Moz blog:

I appreciate the Moz blog for its data-driven approach. The authors of the articles do not limit themselves to theory; they present practical case studies and real-world results. If you want to purchase their tools (e.g., Moz Pro, Moz Bar, or Moz Local SEO), the Moz blog has tutorials on using them in specific topics.

3. Search Engine Journal (SEJ) – a digital marketing blog about SEO news and social media marketing tips

A digital marketing blog about social media marketing and SEO.

Photo 3. A digital marketing blog about social media marketing and SEO.

Search Engine Journal (SEJ) offers a collection of valuable entries related to SEO, social media platforms, and marketing automation. There are plenty of articles on content marketing and industry news there. SEJ is an extensive website offering comprehensive SEO, paid media, content, and digital marketing knowledge.

The Search Engine Journal blog has been divided into specific chapters. There are no e-mail marketing or influencer marketing topics here.

For whom:

  • Advertisers.
  • Digital marketing experts.
  • Marketing enthusiasts.
  • Copywriters.
  • Social media creators.
  • E-commerce owners are looking for industry advice and news.

You should check out the blog www.searchenginejournal.com when conducting online advertising activities. There is a lot of knowledge about trends and the most critical marketing issues.

Why I love the Search Engine Journal blog:

I appreciate the Search Engine Journal blog’s complex approach to SEO and online marketing. I am most engaged in SEO and PPC news, concise, substantive, and to the point, with a small dose of humor. 

I recommend entries from Kristi Hines (Associate News Editor).

4. Content Marketing Institute (CMI) – the best content marketing blog

The best content marketing blog that you have ever seen.

Photo 4. The best content marketing blog that you have ever seen.

At the Content Marketing Institute, the authors share knowledge to help your company establish lasting customer relationships. In blog entries, they emphasize the importance of authenticity and storytelling in digital marketing. CMI is the best choice to enhance your website traffic with content.

On the Content Marketing Institute blog, you will find many humorous pictures, learn valuable ideas for creating articles, and learn important information about e-mail marketing.

For whom:

  • Content strategy marketers and copywriters.
  • Storytellers.
  • Communication managers.
  • Beginner and intermediate SEO specialists.
  • Writing enthusiasts.

Copywriting tips from the authors of CMI are irreplaceable. This is the best content marketing blog I’ve ever read. Link to Content Marketing Institute: www.contentmarketinginstitute.com/blog/.

Why I love the Content Marketing Institute blog:

I am fascinated by the unique approach of CMI authors to content creation. This blog will grab your attention, engage you, and make you a loyal reader. In addition to articles, the creators add annual reports providing valuable content marketing data. They also organize conferences connecting specialists related to online advertising and copywriting worldwide.

5. Hubspot – one of the top digital marketing blogs about running a business

Hubspot digital marketing blog about running a business in the high-competitive environment.

Photo 5. Hubspot digital marketing blog about running a business in a highly competitive environment.

Hubspot brings together readers interested in inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. You will learn the most exciting information about marketing automation, online lead generation, social media, and email marketing.

Hubspot is a general marketing blog to help you run your business.

For whom:

  • Sales specialists.
  • Customer service managers.
  • And entrepreneurs running service small businesses or online stores.

Hubspot is not only a blog but also an academy of knowledge. To be effective in digital marketing, check out their resources: blog.hubspot.com.

Why I love the Hubspot blog:

I am impressed with how consistently Hubspot combines theory with practice, providing tools and SEO strategies that you can apply in business immediately after reading the selected article. I particularly appreciate the platform’s free resources (including e-books and webinars).

For entrepreneurs, Hubspot is one of the best digital marketing blogs ever.

6. CrazyEgg Blog – a digital marketing blog for growth hackers and each digital marketer

Digital marketing blog for growth hackers.

Photo 6. Digital marketing blog for growth hackers.

You will use the knowledge from the CrazyEgg blog to optimize conversions and improve the customer experience. Expert articles will help you understand the behavior of Internet users on your website.

By delving into in-depth analysis, practical guides, and current research, you will learn methods to monitor website organic traffic and effectively maximize the results of your organization.

For whom:

  • Website owners.
  • Marketers.
  • Owners of many blogs on the e-commerce industry.
  • UX/UI specialists.
  • Web analysts.

Do you want to increase conversions and improve user experience? Learn from the best: www.crazyegg.com/blog/.

Why I love the CrazyEgg blog:

I appreciate the interactive visualizations and analyses based on accurate data. I love the authors’ ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and accessible way.

7. NeilPatel Blog – a blog about digital marketing strategies and SEO

Neil Patel's blog about digital strategies and SEO.

Photo 7. Neil Patel’s blog about digital strategies and SEO.

Neil Patel’s blog reflects his passion and professionalism in digital marketing. Neil, one of the industry’s most recognizable specialists, is distinguished by a very individual approach to marketing strategies. His articles are based on personal experiences.

The author uses modern SEO and link-building techniques to encourage you to act outside the box.

For whom:

  • Start-ups.
  • Marketers.
  • Copywriters.
  • Ecommerce owners.
  • Marketing directors.

If you are in the process of shaping your marketing path – check Neil Patel’s entries: www.neilpatel.com/blog/.

Why I love Neil Patel’s blog:

I treat Neil Patel’s blog as a source of fresh perspective on online marketing. His unique approach, based on examples and years of experience, gives me an insight into what works. I value the author’s entries above all for the courage to share your mistakes, based on which you will develop an effective marketing strategy.

8. Search Engine Land – a digital marketing blog including research reports about Google algorithms

Digital marketing blog for every digital marketer.

Photo 8. Digital marketing blog for every digital marketer.

Search Engine Land is a platform that provides news and analysis related to search engine marketing. The authors of Search Engine Land break down the operation of advanced algorithms; show how specific changes affect everyday work in the SEO industry.

The service focuses only on the latest updates, events, and changes to help marketers increase the ranking of their websites and stores in search engines.

For whom:

  • SEO specialists.
  • Advertising Agencies.
  • Google Ads specialists.
  • Marketers.
  • Business owners are fighting for high positions in Google.

Do you like to be one step ahead of the competition? Verify the latest algorithm information on the Search Engine Land blog: www.searchengineland.com.

Why I love the Search Engine Land blog:

I love the Search Engine Land blog for being the first in the industry to add the latest information. The authors can anticipate trends; thanks to this, I can prepare my clients’ websites for algorithm changes.

9. Yoast Blog – a substantive blog about search engine marketing

A high-quality digital marketing blog about search engine marketing.

Photo 9. A high-quality digital marketing blog about search engine marketing.

Yoast SEO specialists (the well-known WordPress plugin) share tips on technical SEO, search engine rankings, content marketing, UX, and the latest updates in the WordPress CMS. Entries are legible and substantive; knowledge resources are similar to Ahrefs publications.

Illustrations and examples help to understand even the most complex topics.

For whom:

  • WordPress website owners.
  • WooCommerce store owners.
  • SEO specialists.
  • Content marketers and copywriters.

Complete your technical SEO knowledge and learn how to use the best WordPress website optimization tool: www.yoast.com/seo-blog/.

Why I love the Yoast blog:

The authors of the Yoast SEO blog pay great attention to creating high-quality content and White-Hat SEO (WHS) techniques. They inspire me; they remind me that page optimization considers algorithms’ and readers’ needs.

Yoast SEO holds a position as one of the best digital marketing blogs in the world.

10. Think With Google – a digital marketing blog for checking marketing statistics

A digital marketing blog for checking statistics from the marketing industry.

Photo 10. A digital marketing blog for checking statistics from the marketing industry.

Think With Google is a platform where you will learn important information about consumer behavior, market trends, and the evolution of digital marketing. I recommend their blog for checking up-to-date marketing statistics.

Google’s advanced research tools and methods keep the content up-to-date and provide a glimpse into the future.

For whom:

  • Marketing technology strategists.
  • Analysts.
  • Video marketing specialists.
  • Advertisers.
  • Innovation managers.

Get insights into the latest stats and research from Google. Do marketing research based on reliable data: www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-cee/.

Why I love the Think With Google blog:

The Think With Google blog captivated me with insightful analyses showing how the digital world is shaping up. By regularly studying resources from Google, you’ll make better business decisions.

11. Backlinko – a digital marketing blog about link-building and keyword research

The best digital marketing blog about link building and keyword research.

Photo 11. The best digital marketing blog about link building and keyword research.

The Backlinko blog by Brian Dean focuses on providing quality guides on backlinks, content marketing strategies, and SEO. The author presents a working plan based on in-depth analysis.

Backlinko is one of the leading sources of SEO and internet marketing information. Among the blogs I know, this one is the most comprehensive regarding link building.

For whom:

  • SEO specialists.
  • Content marketers.
  • Owners of websites and online stores.

To improve the position of your website in Google, you should get valuable backlinks. Learn how to do it – check the Backlinko blog: www.backlinko.com/blog.

Why I love the Backlinko blog:

Brian Dean provides tips that, when implemented, allow you to see quick results. Regarding link building – the Backlinko blog is second to none. It’s a real treasury of knowledge, even for old-timers.

12. SEMrush – a digital marketing blog about SEO, PPC, and creating content

One of the best digital marketing blogs about SEO, PPC, and content creation.

Photo 12. One of the best digital marketing blogs about SEO, PPC, and content creation.

The SEMrush blog focuses on SEO, PPC, content marketing, and competitor analysis. Entries are created by the company’s employees and well-known industry specialists; this guarantees diversity and deep subject expertise. The articles provide practical tips on digital marketing.

The blog authors also teach readers how to use the SEMrush tool in their daily work.

For whom:

  • Digital marketing specialists.
  • SEO analysts.
  • Pay Per Click specialists.
  • Content marketers.
  • E-commerce directors.

Check out the blog of the authors of one of the most popular SEO marketing tools: www.semrush.com/blog/.

Why I love the SEMrush blog:

I am fascinated by the wealth of information on the SEMrush blog. I also highly appreciate their practical approach; instead of just covering theory, they provide tools and techniques to apply in your daily work.

SEMrush is among the elite when it comes to global digital marketing blogs about SEO, PPC, and creating content.

13. BigCommerce – one of the most popular digital marketing blogs for the e-commerce owners

Helpful marketing blog for e-commerce owners.

Photo 13. Helpful marketing blog for e-commerce owners.

BigCommerce will help you understand the most essential e-commerce marketing topics. The authors discuss issues related to running online stores, from design selection to marketing strategies and conversion optimization.

From the BigCommerce blog, you can expect substantive articles with infographics based on the latest statistics.

For whom:

  • Online store owners.
  • E-commerce managers.
  • Marketers focused on maximizing sales.

To explore e-commerce, check out the BigCommerce blog: www.bigcommerce.com/blog/.

Why I love the BigCommerce blog:

The BigCommerce blog is a compendium of e-commerce knowledge for me. I love the authors’ ability to combine practical advice with solid case studies. Comprehensive coverage of each article allows me to understand how specific strategies work in practice.

14. BuzzSumo – analytical marketing blog about SEO and keyword research

An analytical marketing blog about SEO and keyword research.

Photo 14. An analytical marketing blog about SEO and keyword research.

The authors show how to use analytics to create effective marketing strategies. By reading the BuzzSumo blog, you’ll understand why some content ranks high on Google while others disappear into the abyss.

Topics covered: SEO, social media (e.g., Facebook advertising), content marketing, digital PR, influencer marketing, and marketing trends.

For whom:

  • Social media specialists.
  • Analysts.
  • Novice SEO adepts.

See how search engine marketing works based on analytics – start reading the BuzzSumo blog: www.buzzsumo.com/blog/.

Why I love the BuzzSumo blog:

I am very impressed with the comprehensiveness of the analysis and present research. By reading the BuzzSumo blog, I’m sure I’m learning about current practices that apply in a dynamic online environment.

Buzzsumo enjoys a reputation as one of the world’s best digital marketing blogs for novice SEO adepts and social media specialists.

15. Hootsuite – one of the best social media marketing blogs

One of the primarily renowned social media marketing blogs among e-commerce directors and social media managers.

Photo 15. One of the primarily renowned social media marketing blogs among e-commerce directors and social media managers.

The Hootsuite blog offers tips on effective social media management. It’s your source for practical advice and news on social media.

By reading the Hootsuite blog, you will have an insight into the latest trends in social media marketing and paid advertising campaigns.

For whom:

  • Social media managers.
  • E-commerce directors.
  • Brand managers.

Learn to use the power of social media in business: www.blog.hootsuite.com.

Why I love the Hootsuite blog:

I rate Hootsuite very highly, especially in research and analysis, which have provided me with the latest statistics. Reading this blog, I also learn new ideas and strategies to generate leads using social media.

16. Rock Content – a loose and practical blog about marketing content

Practical and loose blog about marketing content.

Photo 16. Practical and loose blog about marketing content.

Rock Content is a leader in content marketing. The authors will tell you how to create content, analyze results and optimize on-page SEO. After reading any blog entry, you will see that the website provides practical knowledge supported by experience from professional projects.

The Rock Content blog is distinguished by a less formal approach to the subject. Thanks to this, knowledge is easily assimilated.

For whom:

  • Content marketers and copywriters.
  • Hackers of generating leads.
  • Entrepreneurs from the B2B and B2C sectors.
  • On-page optimization specialists.

Content is needed to engage your target audience. Learn how to create them with the Rock Content blog: www.rockcontent.com/blog/.

Why I love the Rock Content blog:

I’m impressed with the way Rock Content is conveyed; substantive infographics and excellent storytelling are features that every marketer should have. The authors use numerous studies to support their thesis, which results in credible, qualitative content.

Many consider Rock Content to be of the best digital marketing blogs worldwide.

17. eMarketer – digital marketing blog for every social media marketer

Marketing blog for social media marketers.

Photo 17. Marketing blog for social media marketers.

The eMarketer blog is a leader in digital market research; it provides reliable analyses, forecasts, and marketing news. The authors want readers to stay updated with statistics and new industry practices.

By reading articles from eMarketer, you can count on accurate and reliable reports on digital marketing.

For whom:

  • Digital marketers.
  • Analysts.
  • Short video creators.
  • SEO strategy managers.
  • Copywriters,
  • And content marketers.

To understand where the digital world is headed, stay tuned to the eMarketer blog: www.insiderintelligence.com.

Why I love the eMarketer blog:

eMarketer provides reliable information. Available reports and forecasts help me understand the broader context of market trends; thanks to this, I make conscious marketing decisions.

18. CoSchedule – digital marketing blog for professional marketers

Digital marketing blog for brand specialists.

Photo 18. Digital marketing blog for brand specialists.

CoSchedule is a place for professionals who want to increase the efficiency and productivity of their marketing activities. The blog focuses on project management, process optimization, and maximizing the results of promotional campaigns.

The authors share authentic case studies carried out in the past. They can easily convey the theory that you can effectively use in practice.

For whom:

  • Marketing team leaders.
  • Planning and management specialists.
  • Company directors.

Learn to streamline and effectively automate your marketing activities. Check out the CoSchedule blog: www.coschedule.com/blog.

Why I love the CoSchedule blog:

The CoSchedule blog is synonymous with the effective management of marketing activities in the company. I love the hands-on approach to team coordination challenges and the constant focus on continuous improvement and learning.

19. Copyblogger – a blog about digital marketing for copywriters

Photo 19. The best marketing blog for copywriters and content creators.

Copyblogger has provided valuable advice and strategies for creating persuasive content for years. The authors focus on building trust and converting readers into loyal customers. 

The blog is focused on writing SEO techniques, storytelling, and persuasion. It is a place where art meets business in content marketing.

For whom:

  • Content marketers.
  • Bloggers.
  • Social media specialists.

Create content that attracts customers: www.copyblogger.com/blog/.

Why I love Copyblogger:

Copyblogger is my guide in the world of effective content writing. A deep understanding of the art of writing and the ability to combine this knowledge with practical marketing strategies allow me to create the highest quality content. I love their approach to writing as a craft – emphasizing authenticity and substance.

Copyblogger has become a benchmark in the best digital marketing blogs worldwide.

What are the best marketing blogs?

A blog you should check out, regardless of your position, is Ahrefs – I recommend it to anyone who values reliable and substantive information on SEO, SEM, content marketing, and link building.

For up-to-date marketing stats (also mobile marketing), select Think With Google.

For social media marketers, I dedicate entries by the authors of Hootsuite – content of the highest quality, improved with reliable research.

Link-building specialists should familiarize themselves with Backlinko, while content marketers with the Copyblogger platform.


You don’t have to stick to one marketing blog. Choose sources that interest you and regularly expand your knowledge. Read at least one blog post a week on a new topic – thanks to this, you will have up-to-date industry knowledge.

Arrange a content marketing consultation!

If you need a content marketing strategy, e-mail or call me. I will help you scale your business and drive traffic with high-quality content.

One of the best marketing blogs is Ahrefs. The authors cover many SEO, link-building, and content marketing topics. The analyses are accurate, and the advice is specific, backed by research. It is an irreplaceable source of knowledge about online marketing.

Reading blogs about marketing allows you to stay updated with the latest trends and strategies. By learning from industry experts, you can create better campaigns that deliver a high return on investment.

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