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Surfer SEO Review 2023 – Opinion, Features, Pros & Cons

Surfer SEO Review

Surfer SEO is one of the best content optimization tools I have ever used. It is highlighted by intuitive operation, numerous integrations (e.g., with Google Docs and WordPress CMS), and trouble-free operation. Want to learn more? My Surfer SEO review is dedicated to you! Enjoy reading.

What Is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is a modern tool designed to optimize websites for search engines. It helps users achieve higher rankings in search results by analyzing and improving various aspects of the website (e.g., content, structure, required backlinks).

Surfer SEO interface

Photo 1. Surfer SEO interface. Source: www.surferseo.com.

Content written in Surfer SEO will be consistent with Search Intent and search engine requirements. This tool makes your work easier – you don’t have to guess what keywords to add to the text to get the best results (just follow the tips).

Good to know!

Working without Surfer, you will probably create less optimized content than using this tool. Surfer SEO will save your time and make users more satisfied with the content provided.

Surfer SEO Functionalities – Review

Surfer SEO Key Features:

  • Keyword Research.
  • Content Editor.
  • Plagiarism Checker.
  • SERP analysis.
  • On-Page Audit.
  • Keyword Surfer (Browser Add-on).

Below are the details.

Keyword Research – Hassle-free Keyword Research

Keyword analysis in Surfer SEO is elementary and valuable. To start, just go to the main panel and click Create. Then enter the appropriate keyword, select the country (Results for…), and press Create Keyword Research.

Keyword Research Tool in Surfer SEO content optimization tool

Photo 2. Keyword Research Tool in Surfer SEO content optimization tool.

Wait for the search results to load – it will take less than a minute. Now, you can check the suggested topics for the selected phrase.

Suggested topics and keywords

Photo 3. Suggested topics and keywords.

Verify what topics interest you. Choose those that are the most exciting and best fit your assumptions. You can check KD (Keyword Difficulty Score) and MSV (Monthly Search Volume) and mark phrases useful in your article.

Creating the Content Editor

Photo 4. Creating the Content Editor.

If everything is OK, press Create for 1 CE credit.

Content Editor – Enter Your Most Important Keyword and Start Optimizing

To get started with Surfer’s Content Editor, generate the Content Editor. You can also do this from Keyword Research (Surfer SEO Content Planner).

The appearance of the new content editor

Photo 5. The appearance of the new content editor.

On the right side, you will verify the optimization status of your article. The higher the Content Score you get, the better. Aim for an 80-90 score.

In the Outline section, you will find suggested titles, headings, and questions to help you create the highest quality content.

Photo 6. Outline Builder.

In the Brief section, you can create notes and quickly verify the competition.

Brief section in Surfer SEO

Photo 7. Brief section in Surfer SEO.

If you think the recommendations are inaccurate, you can change the Content Editor by clicking Customize.

Panel enabling changes in the Surfer Content Editor

Photo 8. Panel enabling changes in the Surfer Content Editor.

In the Competitors section, you will analyze the competition. Here, you can mark valuable websites and deselect unnecessary ones.

Competition verification in the Content Editor

Photo 9. Competition verification in the Content Editor.

The most crucial section is the Content Structure. You can adjust the word count, headings, paragraphs, and photos here. I recommend editing only the word count – based on it, the tool will determine the frequency of occurrence of other elements (e.g., headings, paragraphs, photos, and key phrases). 

All is about content optimization – remember this!

Editing the content structure

Photo 10. Editing the content structure.

Then, select the Terms tab and carefully analyze the keywords. If you think any of them are unnecessary, remove them.

Keywords in Surfer

Photo 11. Keywords in Surfer.

Have you already prepared the Content Editor? Then start writing and watch your Content Score grow!

Remember to use at least 70-80% of all keywords appropriately. If they are used too few times, the text will not be comprehensively optimized and will probably not rank high. If too many phrases are accumulated, the content will be over-optimized, which may not appeal to crawlers.

Correctly used keywords in the Content Editor

Photo 12. Correctly used keywords in the Content Editor.

The same applies to the headings in the Headings section. They are one of the most important elements influencing Content Score.

Correctly used headers in the Content Editor

Photo 13. Correctly used headers in the Content Editor.

Plagiarism Checker – A Useful Option for Everyone

After writing your content, you should check for plagiarism. To accomplish this, click on the three dots in the editor’s upper-right corner (right next to the Export function).

Plagiarism checking tool in Surfer

Photo 14. Plagiarism checking tool in Surfer.

After 10–20 seconds of loading, the tool will indicate the fragments considered plagiarism. If your article has been written correctly, you will receive the following message:

Message about no plagiarism

Photo 15. Notification about plagiarism-free.

Check Your Competition on Surfer SEO SERP Analyzer Tool

SERP analysis makes it easier to verify your competition. Go to the SERP Analyzer section, enter the appropriate keyword, and click Create SERP Analyzer.

This lets you compare key SEO metrics (e.g., Domain Score and Content Score). The tool will also show you the frequency of keywords appearing among your competitors and on your website.

Is it worth opting for an additional $29 monthly for SERP Analyzer? If you know analytics and care about comprehensive details – absolutely. There may be too much detail for the average user. In this case, you only need to use the Competitors function provided by the Content Editor.

Competitors function in the Content Editor

Photo 16. Competitors function in the Content Editor.

On-Page Audit – Keywords Are Not Everything!

An on-page audit is a handy option for people with content on their website that must rank higher. To use this, go to the Audit section and provide the link to the subpage you want to optimize. After a dozen seconds of loading, you will receive on-page SEO tips you can implement on your website.

The tool will indicate, among others:

  • The word count is ideal for your post (thanks to this, you can achieve a high level of content optimization).
  • The correct frequency of use of a target keyword.
  • Missing backlinks (without which even perfectly optimized content will not rank higher than industry giants).

Don’t buy the Surfer SEO audit tool if you’re just starting to create content. It is dedicated primarily to people who need to optimize existing content. Audit SEO Tool costs an additional $49 per month.

Keyword Surfer – Browser Add-on

Keyword Surfer is a browser add-on that you can use even if you have not purchased a subscription.

Keyword Surfer – browser add-on (Google Chrome extension)

Photo 17. Keyword Surfer – browser add-on (Google Chrome extension).

After implementing Keyword Surfer, you will verify the estimated number of monthly searches directly on the Search Engine Results Page. You will also check the CPC and keyword suggestions for existing pages.

Keyword Surfer operation

Photo 18. Keyword Surfer operation.

How Much Does Surfer SEO Cost? Pricing & Plans

Surfer SEO pricing is below.

Essential Package:

  • $89 per month – 15 CE each month.
  • $69 per year – 180 CE each year.

Advanced Package:

  • $179 per month – 45 CE each month.
  • $149 per year – 540 CE each year.

Max Package:

  • $299 per month – 90 CE each month.
  • $249 per year – 1080 CE each year.

You can pick an Enterprise package if you have a large marketing agency or enterprise. To buy, contact Surfer SEO technical support.

In the Essential, Advanced, and Max sets, you can use the Surfer’s Keyword Research Tool function with a limit of up to 100 daily phrases.

Other solutions available in Surfer:

Annual prices of packages offered by the Surfer tool, along with different functionalities

Photo 19. Annual prices of packages offered by the Surfer tool, along with different functionalities. Source: www.surferseo.com/pricing

What I Like About Surfer SEO? – Pros

Surfer (one of the best on-page SEO tools) is a comprehensive tool that helps you optimize an article, product description, or category description for the main keyword and secondary phrases you should use to meet user intentions and rank higher than your competitors.

What are the benefits of Surfer SEO?

  • The simplicity of content planning – Using Keyword Research, you can schedule a content plan without buying Ahrefs or Ubersuggest (the best SEO tools for off-page and on-page verification). Just enter your keyword and click Create Keyword Research. Then, select topics of interest and examine their value in monthly searches.
  • Ease of use of the tool – Surfer SEO is one of the most intuitive and trouble-free content creation tools. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting your adventure with content marketing: You can master Surfer within 10–15 minutes.
  • Useful integrations – The tool integrates with CMS WordPress, Google Docs, and Jarvis AI (useful for generating content thanks to artificial intelligence).
  • Regular updates – prevent errors and allow you to create detailed data in the most up-to-date form;
  • Community support – Surfer SEO is a very recognizable tool worldwide. If you have questions, join thematic groups on Facebook (e.g., SEO Surfers). I also encourage you to read the official developers’ blog.

Now, you can choose the right keywords, enter them into the tool, click Create Content Editor, and start working with Surfer SEO!

If you have questions or need high-quality content, you can write me an email at dominik@b4content.com. We will talk about the details of cooperation.

What Elements Could Be Better in Surfer SEO? – Cons

Are you interested in a cheap content creation tool? Quit Surfer! There are many much more affordable solutions on the market. An example is Neuron Writer – it offers similar functions (without the possibility of on-site audit) and costs €19 for the cheapest bronze package with 25 Content Editors. For comparison – in Surfer SEO, for $89 per month, you will get 15 Content Editors. Quite a difference, right? So check out the other cons.

What are the disadvantages of Surfer SEO?

  • No free trial – You must purchase any package to use Surfer. It is possible to refund within seven days if you are not satisfied, but support does not always accept complaints.
  • Expensive, additionally paid tools – e.g., SERP Analyzer ($29) or on-site audit ($49), combined with the cheapest package gives a price of $167. If you also purchase API for $29 and White Label ($49), you will pay $245 per month. Additionally, writing one article by artificial intelligence (AI Writer) costs another $29.
  • Inappropriate suggestions in some cases – This is relatively rare, but sometimes a Surfer suggests keywords unrelated to a given topic.

Surfer won’t be an adequate option if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend the money.

Investing in Neuron Writer for $29 and buying Ahrefs for $100 is better. The difference between $89 and $129 seems small, and you will then have more Content Editors (25 CE in Neuron Writer) and a comprehensive tool for verifying your company’s SEO effects. This is just an example – I use both Surfer and Ahrefs because I find Surfer much more comfortable to use than other content writing tools.

Surfer SEO – Alternatives

What are the most popular Surfer SEO alternatives?

Content Harmony

Content Harmony – Surfer SEO alternative

Photo 20. Content Harmony – Surfer SEO alternative. Source: www.contentharmony.com.

Content Harmony is an SEO content creation tool focusing on keyword and competitive research. It allows you to identify topics and questions that are important to discuss in accordance with the Search Intent principles. In addition, it provides straightforward tips for optimizing your content based on data analysis. Surfer makes fewer mistakes in terms of recommendations.

You can test Content Harmony for $10. For this price, you will receive 10 Content Editors.


Frase – Surfer SEO alternative

Photo 21. Frase – Surfer SEO alternative. Source: www.frase.io

Frase automatically creates short answers, questions, and subtitles for relevant and related keywords that increase the visibility of content in search engine results pages – a suitable solution for SEO specialists and content marketers. The tool conjures phrases slightly worse than Surfer.

The basic Frase plan to write and optimize 30 articles costs $44.99 monthly.

Market Muse

Market Muse – Surfer SEO alternative

Photo 22. Market Muse – Surfer SEO alternative. Source: www.marketmuse.com

Market Muse allows you to identify content gaps and provides suggestions on topics that should be covered to improve your rankings. This tool is handy for editors and content creators who want to create in-depth and valuable content well-rated by search engines and get a lot of organic traffic. 

An optimal solution for creating rankings and various types of summaries.

You can test Market Muse for free without connecting a credit card.

SEO Surfer – For Whom?

Who is Surfer SEO for? Who should use it?

Surfer SEO is perfect for:

  • SEO agencies and freelancers – Surfer SEO is a vital tool for professionals involved in website optimization for search engines who want to get top-ranking pages. It allows you to conduct in-depth analyses of customer websites, identifying areas requiring improvement. Thanks to this, specialists can quickly develop optimization strategies tailored to the individual needs of each website.
  • Website owners and bloggers – Surfer SEO Content Editor provides detailed information on how the website is perceived by search engines while indicating areas that may require intervention. This is valuable knowledge for people trying to increase their visibility in search results.
  • Marketing teams – Surfer SEO allows marketing teams to understand how website content and structure impact ranking in organic search results. This tool can greatly support planning and implementing an on-page SEO optimization strategy.
  • SEO learners – Using this tool, SEO beginners will learn key optimization aspects and analyze on-page elements affecting their visibility in search engines.
  • Editors and Content Creators – Surfer helps content creators understand how their work impacts SEO by providing information on keywords, content structure, and other relevant factors. Thanks to this, they can prepare content that is valuable to readers and optimized for search engines.

Surfer SEO Review Conclusion – What Do I Think About This Tool?

Use the Surfer SEO tool to save a lot of time optimizing content for specific keywords.

If you aim to optimize your website but don’t have the money for Surfer, choose a cheaper alternative: Neuron Writer.

Content Planner in Surfer is a practical solution for keyword research, but I also personally verify individual topics in Ahrefs and Ubersuggest.

I use the tool, owned by Michał Suski, to analyze competition as a keyword planner and to optimize existing content. Buy an additional on-page audit for $49 monthly to improve the ranking pages.

Do you need help setting up this tool, creating high-quality content, or planning your content marketing strategy? Feel free to write me an e-mail at dominik@b4content.com. If you have any questions, I am at your disposal.

I hope you found my Surfer SEO helpful review. Thank you for reading this article!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a tool for optimizing your content for keywords. It works based on NLP (Natural Language Processing). Analyzes competitor websites, offering tips on keyword density, number of phrases, and appropriate headings. By achieving a Content Score of 80-90 (or higher), you increase the likelihood of appearing for specific keywords in Google (and other search engines) search results.

A refund for Surfer SEO is possible within seven days of purchasing the tool. To achieve this, please contact support at support@surferseo.com. Justify in your email why you want a refund.

The most profitable is the Advanced package for $179 per month, which offers 45 CE each month and the option to purchase a content editor for $3/piece. If you are also interested in a website audit, you should get the Audit On-Site Tool for $49 monthly.

Choose the annual payment to save $360 on the Advanced plan. In the case of the Essential package (the cheapest), this saves $240.

No. Currently, Surfer SEO does not offer free packages. If you would like to test the functionality of this tool, purchase any package at the standard price. If dissatisfied, you can apply for a refund within seven days of purchase.

Yes. Surfer integration is available in every package. To export content, enter the appropriate Content Editor and select the Export → Create a New Post function.

Yes. You can seamlessly integrate Surfer with Google Docs. To achieve this, go to the appropriate Content Editor and select Share → Create new Google Document.

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