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Is Digital Marketing Hard to Learn? (5 Things You Need To Know)


A digital marketing adventure can be exciting, especially when you’re passionate about online advertising and helping businesses work well and get more worthy customers. If you want to become a successful digital marketer, your way won’t be straightforward, but it won’t be complicated either. It generally depends on your commitment, willingness, and current skills.

Is digital marketing hard to learn? Check 5 things you need to know about digital marketing and choose what type of digital marketer to become!

How do you learn digital marketing?

Reading industry blogs is one of the best ways to strengthen your knowledge of digital marketing. Start by studying the Ahrefs’ blog. They have comprehensive general SEO tutorials and keyword research guides. I also appreciate their on-page SEO, technical SEO, and local SEO advice. With Ahrefs tutorials, you can additionally learn:

  • How to start affiliate marketing with no audience;
  • How to monetize your business with content marketing;
  • The most important information about general marketing;
  • How video marketing influences businesses’ earnings;
  • How to implement paid marketing strategies.

Check Neil Patel’s and Search Engine Journal’s blogs if you need typical digital marketing knowledge.

Read my ranking – the best digital marketing blogs.

The following way to conquer digital marketing is by listening to podcasts like The Authority Hacker Podcast, The Search Engine Journal Show, or Experts on the Wire.

A complete list of the best podcasts shared by one of Ahrefs’ specialists (@RebLiew) on X (Twitter).

Best SEO podcasts – list created by Rebecca from Ahrefs

Photo 1. Best SEO podcasts – list created by Rebecca from Ahrefs. Source: twitter.com/RebLiew

The final way to learn online marketing is a digital marketing course such as a Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course, Reliable Soft Digital Marketing Full Course, or Udemy Digital Marketing Complete Course.

You can also try Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization, Udacity Digital Marketing Course, and ClickMinded Digital Marketing Course.

Is digital marketing hard to learn? – 5 things every future digital marketer needs to know!

Online digital marketing is relatively complex, but if you start learning from scratch and put in the work, you’ll be able to begin freelance work after 3 months of learning the basics.

The key to your way is finding worthy blogs, courses, and podcasts to learn every time. Consider a.o.:

  • Blogs, when you’re relaxing after work;
  • Courses when you’ve got a few hours free (e.g., on weekends);
  • Podcasts, when you’re walking or driving a car.

But what should you know about digital marketing learning? Check my list below!

1. Digital marketing experience won’t be gained overnight

You can expand your theory knowledge through digital marketing courses, podcasts, and industry blogs. After a maximum of three months, you need to gain real experience by working as a freelancer. Find potential customers on Facebook groups or industry platforms, like a Textbroker for content marketers and copywriters.

Work, work, and work! Learn technical skills, and test in the real world on your clients.

Even if you learn 2 years, but you won’t have practice; freelance competitors beat you, and they’ll take your job.

2. Choose your favorite digital marketing channels and learn

Do you know people who are good at everything? Then you surely know that they aren’t good at anything.

To become a successful digital marketing specialist, choose a maximum of 2 skills and learn. It may be SEO & Content Marketing or SEM & PPC Campaigns.

An excellent path to learn SEO is to create a website to optimize, implement link building, and test.

For content marketing learning purposes, you should create a simple WordPress blog and put work into developing high-quality and engaging blog posts.

To improve your SEM digital marketing skills, create a landing page and start with Google Ads campaigns. Take care of AdWords quality score to get lower CPC (cost-per-click) and higher positions than competitors.

How do you start practicing PPC campaigns? Create your social media Facebook Fanpage, and try to set up your first campaign on Facebook Ads Manager (Facebook Business Manager).

3. Remember about consequently

Probably, you want to be an expert in digital marketing and stay on top every time. To achieve this, you should be really virtuous. What do I mean? After a few months of learning, you’ll go to practice your skills with clients, but remember continually to expand your knowledge from 30 minutes to 60 minutes daily. 

You don’t have to attend demanding courses or webinars all the time. Instead, you can listen to podcasts while driving or read industry blogs about SEO, SEM, or PPC.


Having clients and working for them is demanding; therefore, 30 minutes listening to an SEO or SEM podcast and 30 minutes reading one or two comprehensive guides will be sufficient to stay up to date with the digital marketing industry and elevate your skills.

4. Digital marketing statistics are important to prove your credibility

Digital marketing learning is the process. If you want marketing jobs and career opportunities, you should confirm your marketing efforts with statistics (e.g., from Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, or Ahrefs).

For potential customers, social media marketing specialists can show Facebook Ads Manager statistics and conversion rates.

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the easiest way to prove your skills in practice is an organic traffic graph from Ahrefs.

Ahrefs' organic traffic graph

Photo 2. Ahrefs’ organic traffic graph. Source: app.ahrefs.com

5. Work with specialists (even for free)

Starting work in the digital marketing industry may take work and effort. 

However, you can make it easier to gain experience by working in the agency (at least for the first year). Thanks to this, you’ll learn digital marketing’s standards and, with the professional help of your marketing team, test various forms of advertising on real customers.

If you can’t get the paid work, apply for a free internship for 3 months. Try to find your dream work on LinkedIn or Glassdoor

What marketing skills must you learn to run a digital marketing career?

You can learn soft skills and intricate digital marketing techniques, a.i.:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing),
  • PPC Campaigns (Pay-Per-Click),
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Digital marketing also includes copywriting, data analytics, and social media channels.

As I said before, choose your digital marketing niche and learn. Select a maximum 2 skills and regularly improve them.

Career in digital marketing – conclusions

People find various types of online work to make money. One of the best paths to getting future skills and allowing yourself to work in every place on the earth is a digital marketing career. In this industry, you can promote your customers on different social media channels and use SEO or SEM to drive more qualified leads and maximize conversions.

The beginning of your digital marketing adventure may be complicated. Still, suppose you’re looking for online work and ready to learn and practice regularly. In that case, you can beat the competitors and find a satisfying job in the digital marketing industry.

The basics of digital marketing are relatively easy to learn, especially with the myriad of resources available online. Many concepts, such as SEO, PPC, and email marketing, can be understood by beginners through free online courses, webinars, and tutorials. However, mastering the application of these concepts requires practice, experience, and ongoing learning, given the fast-paced evolution of digital marketing tools and trends.

Measuring the impact of digital marketing activities primarily involves utilizing analytics tools to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as clicks, conversions, and return on investment (ROI). Google Analytics is a popular tool for analyzing web traffic and user behavior. Setting clear, measurable objectives before initiating campaigns is crucial to effectively gauge the success and impact of different marketing activities, adjusting strategies based on the analyzed data to optimize results.

To gain in-depth knowledge in digital marketing as a beginner, it is advised to start with online courses offered by platforms like Coursera or Udemy, which cover various topics from SEO to social media marketing. Reading reputable marketing blogs, participating in forums, and attending industry conferences can also help you stay informed about the latest trends and best practices. Furthermore, practical experience, such as managing a blog or volunteering to handle digital marketing activities for a local business, can provide invaluable insights and hands-on experience.

Breaking into the digital marketing industry often involves building a solid foundation of knowledge and acquiring practical experience. Start by learning the basics through online resources, then seek internships or volunteer opportunities to gain hands-on experience. Creating a solid online presence, showcasing your knowledge and experience through a personal blog or portfolio, and networking with professionals in the field also increase your chances of securing opportunities in digital marketing. Finally, certifications from recognized institutions can further validate your skills to prospective employers.

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